Does starting a new online marketplace sound good to you?

Great! Isn’t it? Which brings us to the question that why aren’t you doing it already? We are sure you realise how a marketplace presence can complement your business sales and add to its revenue. Let’s understand your possible roadblocks.


You possibly believe that starting a marketplace requires a mammoth investment which makes you sceptical.Wait till we bust your myths.


Are you reluctant cause it involves technical expertise? The lack of which is stopping you. Well that’s what ready made solutions are here for.


Wondering if your Return On Investment will be worth the effort ? It's time to look at the startup environment in India that for sure paints a promising picture.

Wondering what could you build ?

Why should you start an online marketplace?

It’s high time you look at the benefits of starting a multi vendor marketplace and start figuring out the solutions that help you overcome the challenges involved.

  • Improved Brand Visibility - Your marketplace can help you reach customer far beyond the geographical region you cater. Why restrict yourself when you could sell anywhere, anytime.
  • Sell your products Better - Online marketplaces would include in depth description of products, comparisons, reviews to help you showcase your products better and to also have your customer take an informed decision.
  • Secured Payment Methods - Integrated secured payment methods have proven to convert leads better. Instant online payment options ensure a smooth buyers’ journey.
  • Reviews and Ratings - What better way to promote your products than having recommendations from your customers itself. This section proves to be really crucial for taking buying decisions.  

Earn More

More than $1.5 trillion spent on online marketplaces the world across

Go Mobile 

Marketplaces contribute to approximately 50% of total online sales globally

Sell Quick

18% of local searches led to a sale in the next 24 hours

Is it the right time to start a marketplace in India?

The government has been very pro startup. Encouraging govt. Policies has largely impacted the startup climate in India. Ask yourself if this is not the apt time to begin an online marketplace when else would it be. The positive sentiment built around new ventures will help you scale your business in no time. The consumer too has become more experimental and is not shying away anymore from trying things out minus a huge brand label. 

Understand your Global Marketplace options

Intrigued by the reach and scale of global online marketplaces ? Want to build one ? We’ve got you covered.

If you have managed to ideate a marketplace that caters to customers in different parts of the world, we have solutions ready for you. Whether it be a never heard before concept or a marketplace to the likes of Flipkart or Amazon we will help you build it with ease. Building feature rich marketplaces with global reach calibre is easily possible with our solutions.

The pretty picture of new Hyperlocal Market concept in India

You must have seen how Flipkart rose to success, but wait! You don't need to open a Flipkart to be successful..Hyperlocal marketplace is a brand new concept that too could do wonders for you. Afterall, it is your local customer that knows you the best and who else knows their requirements better than you.  

Exponentially Rising CAGR

Research states that Indian Hyperlocal market will grow at a great CAGR rate growing beyond 2000 crore by the year 2020 and why not ! The hyperlocal market sector in India is largely driven by the emerging startups. Technology complements the same by reducing the product delivery time and thereby improving the shopping experience.

India’s Community Sentiment

We all know India is embracing hyperlocal marketplaces. For years local store owners have catered to the consumers in that area. Only recently it has been observed that people have begun shopping on larger marketplaces, but the love for community in Indian customer is gradually bringing them back to the very same local store but this time refashioned and reformed in the form of a Hyperlocal market. 

Stepping into the marketplace world?

Let’s look at your options

Online food store


Online food stores are catching up with consumers at a rapid rate. To cater to this growing customer base, similar stores can be seen coming up.

Grocery Store

Grocery store

Online grocer refers to a grocery store that allows the customers to purchase products online. Saving the effort involved in having to physically visit one.

Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

These platforms allow people to book an appointment without having to wait in long queue or, sitting for their turn endlessly in waiting rooms.



Online Classified's core functionality is Advertisement listing and a well-defined Search system that enables businesses to buy and sell.  

Bus Booking

Bus Booking

The modern day traveler likes to search, browse and do online bus booking, without leaving their comfort zone.It makes their travelling experience easier. 

Events Planner

Events Planner

While organising an event people do not want to compromise on any front. For this, they are referring to event management store for best solutions.

Tour and Travels

Tours and Travels

Online tour and travel service has decreased dependency on travel agents. Providing easy search for the services of hotels or flights to make the bookings. 

Optical store

Optical Stores

These stores serve as an effective option for those who do not want to visit a physical store and yet want the best eyewear. 

How can we help you start a marketplace?

We proudly boast to have given wings to some totally exceptional ideas which are now up and running as marketplaces. People amongst you have visualised some never heard before concepts of marketplaces and we helped them materialise them. Our customers vouch for our solutions and we are delighted to serve. 

Why choose us?


Understanding of the Indian Market ! Our experience with the indian seller have made us capable of making clear sense of their customer’s requirements. Having worked for thousands of custom requests we understand the local landscape like none other. 

Excellence with Affordability ! Providing the best of solutions, round the clock support and initial hand holding is amongst several ways how we help our clients. All this by not burning a hole in your pocket. 


Our forte in assisting online selling ! For years now we have catered to clients both nationally and globally. Our vast portfolio of work and the experience of working with customers from across the world helps us gain deeper insights into the mind of the seller and consumer alike. 

Hear it in our customer’s words

Our customer’s never fail to encourage us with their recommendations. See it to believe it.

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i am happy.

The product works smooth and looks beautiful. The product is priced at a reasonable cost compared to other players in the market with all "The Most Used" functionalities included in it.

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